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Dean of the faculty

Tanirbergenov Medeubek Zhumataevich

Ph. D., Professor, Academician of the Kazakhstan Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Best teacher of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Adress: Shymkent city,160018, Tauke-khan  Arenue-5,  SKSU. Building № 8, Tazhibayev street  № 2. Faculty deanery of   «Culture and sport», 222. 
Tel: 8(7252) 36-71-20
Master's degree teacher Saynanov Bagdat
Deputy Dean for Academic and Educational work:
Senior lecturer Bekseytov Nurzhan
Deputy Dean for Research: PHD, Associate Professor Kadralieva Altynay Mustafaevna
General  information
The faculty of  »Culture and sport»was founded on the base of the former Pedagogical institution of culture and some pedagogical faculties of Shymkent institution (MKTU).
Shymkent Pedagogical institution of culture was opened on  April 11, 1967 on order № 230 of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and Ministers Soviet of KazSSR for the preparation of the theacers of music and specialists for culturally-educational organizations. Beginning from 1975 the institution has been named after greatscientist al-Farabi. The first rector of the university has been appointed the famous state social activist, scientist Saduakhas Temirbekov. Shymkent pedagogical institution of culture named after al-Farabi has become one of the famous in Soviet Union is higher educational institutions.
There have been invited the best from the conservatories of  Almaty, Tashkent, Odessa and Kiev, from culture institutions of Moscow, Leningrad and Barnaul. The first teachers of the university were: O.Gubaydullin , Zh.Keneshova , G.Espolova , S.Gevich , T.Shaporenko , K.Ahmetova , L.Shulunova , A.Zhakipbekov , A.Aytkaliev , Қ.Zhakipbekova , A.Baytasov , C . Baizhumanov , T.Snitsareva , O.Muhamedzhanov , U.Suleymenov , B.Kutunov , S.Nigmetova , N.Schadenko , Zh.Koyshybaev , G.Tochilova , K.Raskaliev , Zh.Azhibekov and others. Thanks to their selfeess work in the institution were opened new departments and specialties. Now most of the abovementioned thachers became the famous scientists, activists of the culture and art. Only between the period of 1968-1978 twenty teachers defended their Ph.D.
From 1978-2006 the rector of the institution was Ph.D. of Phylosopy, professor M.Zhunisbayev. During his leading of the institution fifteen teachers defended their Ph.D and contributed to the perfection of Higher Educational Institution is activity. Most of the  Graduates became Honored artist of  Kazakhstan, activist of culture of Republik of Kazakhstan, winners of International and Republican art contests.
As a result of reformation in the structure in Higher Educational Institutions of Kazakhstan in 1996 Shymkent Pedagogical Institution of culture entered to the structure of SKSU named  after M.Auezov as faculties «Culture» (dean Ph.D., professor E.O.Omar)  and  «Library»  (dean Ph.D., professor T.M Alsatov ).
In 2001 on suggestion of  rector  of SKSU named after M.Auezov Ph.D., professor, academician NAN of  RK  V.K. Bishimbayev the faculties  «Culture» and  «Library»   were  reformed  into the  institution  of   «Culture  and Art»  as a structurial division  of  the  university. The director  of a new  institution   was appointed  professor, honored activits  of a Higher School  of  Republic of Kazakhstan  O.Gubaidullin. In the history  of  the  institution  and  faculty  there worked  the  deans: B.Zhusipaliyev (1967-68), O.Gubaidullin (1968-81), E.Balabekov (1981-96)6 K.Duisenbayev (1999-2000), A.Saipov (2000-2001), O.Gubaidullin (2001-2002), E.Balabekov (2002-2006), S.Zhakipbekov (2006-2008)
In 2008 the direct of the institution , beginning from  2010-2013 dean  of  the  faculby  of   « Pedogogics  and  culture »  was appointed  A.B. Nurbekova , Ph. D ., professor, In 2013-2021, the dean of the faculty was Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Azhibekov K. Zh. Since 2021, Tanirbergenov Medeubek Zhumatayevich-Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, academician of the Kazakhstan Academy of Pedagogical Sciences,the best teacher of Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dean
Scientific research  work in the faculty of  «Pedogogics  and  culture » is  relizing  on 13 themes, according  to  the thematical  plan  of   scientific  research work  of  the university. The  faculty of  « Pedogogics  and  culture »   possesses  high  scientific  human  resources. Teaching  activity  at the  faculty  is  realizing  by  highly  qualified  specialists, among  thev  9  professors,  13 Ph.D., 39  candidates, 30  masters.  A great contribution  have  been  made  by such as honored   pedagogs  as  Ph.D ,  professor  A.B. Nurlybekova, Ph.D., professor Sikhimbayev  I.B., Ph.D., professor Alsatov T.M, Ph.D., professor  Ismailov A.I.,  professor  Saparbayev  B.K.,  Ph.D.,  professor  Alibek  S.  The se  leading  scientific  schools , so  we  cfn  see  how  teaching  methods  are  perfecting  and  the  scientific  luman  resources  are  rising.
The  teachers of  the  faculby take  part  and   report at  the International  conferences of  Kazakhstan and  abroad:  Russia , Ukraine, Kirgyzstan, Azerbaidzhan , USA,  Spain, Germany, Turkey,  Chech Republic , Hungary.
The  Graduates  of  the faculty  work not  only  in Kazakhstan `s regions, but  also  abroad.  Many of the teachers  are the  winners  of  the  international  and and  republican  contests, winners of the State Grant  as  the «Best   teacher of  a HEI »   «Honered activist  of  the culture of  RK» .
Educational  process is  organized on modern  educational  technologics  according  bo the  requirements   of  State  Educational Standard  of  Republic  of  Kazakhstan. For  student ` education  on  credit system  there  has  been  relized  systematic  work  on  replenishment  of  the  fund  on  educational  methodological  literature,  innovation  of educational  methods, informatiozation  and  computarization  of  educational process.  All  the  departments  departments  have  computer classes  connected  to  the  corporative  network  with  Internet.
Upbringing  work  of  the  faculty of  «Pedogogics  and  culture» .                                  
In  the  faculby  of  «Pand  C»  are  educating  1671  students ,  among  them  846  on  the  base  of a State Grant  and  825  on  the  commercial  base. At  the  beginning  of  lech  educabional   year  the  dean   Azhibekov  K.Zh . appoints  curators  and  elders  of   academical  groups.
There  are  130 academical groups  in  departments. The senior curator  on  upbringing work  is a  senior teacher  Bekseitov Nurzhan.
In  the  faculty  is realizing the  student`s  leef  management ,  students, council. The  students`   dean  is  a  student  of  MS – 18-3k3  Kalybay Askhat.
Upbringing  work at the  faculty of  «Culture and sport»  is  realizing  at a   hig professional  level  in  accordance   with  the  main  directions:
General-political and law erents;
•    International  and patriotic upbringing;
•    Erents on prevention of religious extremism  and  international terrorism;
•    morally-scientific  and aesthetical upbringing;
•    scientific and creative events;
•    events  in the dorms;
•    events on engaging students into the massire kinds of  sports  and  propaganda  of a healthy life styll;
•    events on  professional  students  upbrining;
•    charity events  on helping  to  orphan  students, the poors  and  large  families.
For the enrolees
The faculty  prepares  bachelors, masters on the following  specialties library work and bibliography, museums and monuments  protection, social work, cultural activity music teaching, playing on the instruments, choreography, directing, perfoming Arts, pop arts, painting and disigh, decorative art, fine art and drawing, history, humanitarian history, archeology.
Specialty  5В040900 – «Choreography»
6B02130 – «Choreography»
Today the department trains the following specialties: 050409 “Choreography”(Bachelor of choreography) on specialization “Teacher of choreography”.
The graduators of the department work in all regions of Kazakhstan and in abroad as managers of choreographic staffs, choreography subject teachers of secondary schools, as well as artists in the governmental dance ensembles and as choreography teachers at the specialized education institutions.
5B040600 - “Producing
6B02120 - “Producing
specialization in the mass show programs arrangement. Period of training is 5 years.
Future specialists’ scope of activity:
- Theaters, creative centers, TV studios, cultural institutions and Art academies, mass media.
- Producer of the State and Private cultural institutions.
- Manager and Methodist of the cultural institutions.
Specialty 5В010600 “Musical education”
6B01420-“Musical education”
Content of training:
Social humanitarian-history of Kazakhstan, culture study, political study, imagology, foreign language, sociology and others.
Common professional-pedagogic, psychology, musical psychology, musical pedagogy and others.
Special-vocal, musical instrument (fortepiano, dombra), music theory, music harmony, methods of musical education and others.
Training period- duration of training is 4 years at the full time department. At the part time department period of training is 5 years (for persons who don’t have special education), crash education on the basis of special education is 3 years, and on the basis of higher education is 2 years.
Characteristics of specialty
Our graduate may:
  •      teach at colleges of art and culture
  •      conduct choir team
  •      organize culture and leisure work in cultural and educational institutions.
After successful taking of full course training on specialty 050106 “Musical education” qualification “Music teacher” is conferred and diploma of state pattern is given.
Place of graduates’ work
  • children music schools
  • secondary schools, before school institutions
  • colleges, lyceums and others.    
6M010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology
Graduates of specialized training areas are assigned an academic degree of Master of Education majoring 6M010300- Pedagogy and Psychology. Educational program Magistrates specialty 6M010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology is formed from different types of training activities, defining the content of education reflects their relationship, measurement and accounting.
A graduate Master's specialty 6M010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology of scientific and pedagogical direction of training can perform the following professional activities:
• Research (researcher in different types of educational institutions);
• Education (educational psychologist in the field of education, training and retraining of teachers).
The objects of professional master's degrees are:
• universities and research institutions;
• governments.
5В090600  -speciality: Culture-leisure work
6B11120 - Culture-leisure work
5В090600 (01) is Pedagogics and organization of : Culture-leisure work, in schools and out-of-school establishments;
5В090600 (02) is Direction of mass holidays and presentations;
5В090600 (03) Guidance by a theatrical collective;
Educating on a daily separation on Russian and Kazakh languages, 4.
Evening form of educating -  5.
In absentia form of educating : by the secondary special education 3, with higher education 2
To the graduating student on speciality 5В090600 - ": Culture-leisure work, is awarded academic baccalaureate of :«Culture-leisure work».
Magistracy on the basis of a bachelor degree - 2goda
-artistic leader of collectives in the field of culture and art stage-director raising of mass - of festive presentations;
-organizationmanagements of educator work are in schools and out-of-school establishments;
-raising of mass events (concerts, theatricals and shows-programs of);
-management and guidance by musical collectives;
-teacher of organizer with the special regime establishments;
-teacher of the special disciplines in middle initial and middle professional organizations;
5B090500 – specialty: "Social work"
6B10210 - "Social work"
To the graduate in the specialty 5B090500 – "Social work"
the academic degree of the bachelor of social work is awarded.
Training on a full-time department in the Russian and Kazakh languages, 4 years.
Evening form of education - 4,5 years.
Tuition by correspondence: secondary vocational education of 3 years, with the higher education of 2 years
Magistracy on the basis of a bachelor degree - 2 years
6M020400 "Cultural science"
7M11120 - "Cultural science"
6M090500 "Social work"
7M10210 - "Social work"
Place of work and position:
- bodies, the organizations of various organizational and legal forms in system of social protection of the population, education, health care, culture;
- penal system, the social and pedagogical, social and psychological services specialized the 
- the rehabilitation centers for various categories of the population;
- social services in socially – the production sphere; non-profit non-governmental organizations.
Types of professional activity: the diagnostic; the social and rehabilitation; the social and preventive; organizational and coordination, social and therapeutic; the social; the social and pedagogical; social service; the medico-social; the organizational and administrative; the research and applied;
The department trains specialists in the following specialties:
В0421100 – Design
6B02170 – Fashion design
6B02171 – Environment design
Specialization: 5В0421100.01 - Architectural Design, Interior Design                          
5В042100.02 - Graphic design, advertising designer Specialization
5В042100.04 - Costume Design, Specialization: Costume Designer
Prepare specialists with high aesthetic taste and design opportunities.
Spetsialnost: 5В041700 - Ornamental art
6B02160 -  Ornamental art
Specialization: Processing and decoration of metal and other materials. Prepare specialists working in the field of applied art of the jeweler.
Spetsialnost: 5В0100700 - Fine art and drawing
6B01430 - Fine art and drawing
Trains teachers of fine arts and drawing.
Spetsialnost: 5В041300 - Painting
6B02140 - Painting
The department trains Masters in the following specialties:
5B041400 – Graphic art
6B02150 - Graphic art
Specialists are preparing graphics and animators
Speciality: 6M042100 -Design.
7M02170 - Design.
Prepare specialists with high aesthetic taste and design spasobnostyami and future teachers of the university.
Speciality: 6M041300 – Painting
7M02140 - Painting
Cooking painters working freely and university lecturer.
6M041400 - Graphic art
7M02150 - Graphic art
We train specialists with high aesthetic taste and design artists and animators and university professors


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